Professor of economics, retired in 2008.
Last tenured position, Chair Professor of International Economics and Economic Growth,
Faculty of Political Sciences, Ankara University.
Was born at Trabzon, in 1941 to Ahmet Yahya Tezel who was a business man and to Nuriye Tezel.
Finished primary school at Trabzon and junior high-school and high school at Ankara College of Turkish Education Society. Graduated from the economics and finance department of the Faculty of Political Sciences of Ankara University (1964). Took Tripos Part II of the economics programme of Cambridge University (Sidney Sussex College) (1964-65), and worked there as a post-graduate student (1965-1968). Participated in the intern programme of the United Nations at Geneva (1967). Took his Ph.D. degree from Cambridge University (1976).
Worked in the ‘international economics and economic development chair’ of the Faculty of Political Sciences of Ankara University, first as research and teaching assistant and then as assistant professor (1969-1979) and taught topics related to development economics and economic history in the undergraduate and post-graduate programmes. Taught similar courses at the Middle East Technical University (Ankara) (1970-71, 1978-79). Participated in the establishment of the Development and Social Research Center of Ankara University. Was granted a study mission scholarship by the OECD with which he visited about one hundred research centres in ten European countries and studied their structuration and functioning (1977-78).
Was granted ‘research fellowship’ by the Rockefeller Foundation in l979 to enable him to do ‘advanced studies in developmental topics’. With this fellowship worked at Harvard University Institute of International Development as ‘visiting scholar’ (1979-1981).
Worked as the founding director of the Graduate School for Social Sciences and Humanities of The Middle East Technical University (1982-84). During this period, continued to teach under-graduate courses on general economic history, economic history of Turkey, economic growth theories and graduate courses on philosophy of social sciences and economic theory.
Earned the academic degree of University ‘doçent’ in 1984 and was appointed as ‘doçent’ (associate professor) in the ‘international economics and economic development chair’ of the economics department of the Faculty of Political Sciences (Ankara University) in l985.
Worked as the chief economic advisor to the President (Mr. Ersin Faralyal›) of the Union of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Turkey (1986). Participated in the Salzburg Seminar’s session on ‘philosophy and public life’ (1986).
Was granted a British Council scholarship with which he worked on a research project on ‘relations between state, society and economy in the civilizational tradition of the Middle East’ as a ‘visiting scholar’ in the Middle East Center of Cambridge University (1988-89), during when he also gave lectures at Cambridge, Oxford and Pennsylvania universities.
Earned the academic degree of University Professor and was appointed as professor in the ‘international economics and economic development chair’ of the economics department of the Faculty of Political Sciences (Ankara University) in l990.
In addition to his academic work, worked as the head of the ‘department of European Community affairs’ of the Ministry of Finance and Customs and led the Turkish customs delegations at the negotiations with the EC and EFTA (1991-92).
Taught for about ten years courses on ‘history of economic analysis’ and ‘economic history’ in the doctorate programme of the Bilkent University (1980s and 1990s). Is currently teaching under-graduate and post-graduate courses on economic history and international economics at Ankara University, especially covering economics of European integration, Turkey-EU relations and economics of World trading system, GATT 1994 and WTO.
He was a founding member of the Balkan Political Club, established by the first post transition President of Bulgaria in 2001, served as a member of the Managing Board since then.
He has publications on economic history of Turkey and the Middle East, economic growth and development, philosophy of social sciences and history and Turkey-European Union relations. He organized several conferences on Turkey for the German Adenaur Foundation and Naumann Foundation and edited related publications. He wrote regular weekly essays for the Turkish national paper Radikal, Yeni Yüzyıl and Yeni Binyıl.
He is married to Nisa Tezel who runs her own day-care centre. Their daughter (Gülbahar) took her doctorate degree in Erasmus University at Rotterdam, became a Dutch citizen and works in the Dutch Competition agency. Their son (Ahmet) took his BSc and MSc degrees in chemical engineering in the Bosphorus University, his Ph. D. degree in Santa Barbara, University of California, USA, became a USA citizen and works in Alcon, a multinational firm.
September 2012.